NFT Skins


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Road Map

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Q. What are NFT skins?

An NFT skin is an original skin developed through blockchain technology just for you. You are the only person who can you use your skin in-game.

Q. What is minting?

Minting an NFT means to uniquely publish it. Please read the Minting Guide to learn more about how to mint NFT skins.

Q. When can I start minting?

PRE SALE1 will be held from March 25, 2023 at 1am to March 26, 2023 at 1am (UTC) and PRE SALE2 will be held from March 28, 2023 at 1am to March 29, 2023 at 1am (UTC).

Q. What is the maximum number of NFT skins that can be minted per wallet?

Maximum of 1 per wallet. Also, you must be on the Allow List (priority purchase) to mint.

Q. What is presale?

This refers to NFT skin sales for people on the Allow List (priority purchase). PRE SALE1 is a guaranteed mint for a limited number of people. PRE SALE2 will not be held if PRE SALE1 sells out.

Q. What is the Allow List (preferential purchase rights)?

The Allow List is the list of prioritized buyers of NFT skins. Please check the official Discord for more information, including how to get NFT skins.

Q. What does "reveal" mean?

Similar to gacha, in order to build excitement for what might appear, all NFT skins are displayed with the same design when minted. The "reveal" refers to the moment the actual design of an NFT skin is first shown. Please read the Minting Guide to learn more. Reveals will become available on March 29, 2023 at 9am (UTC).

Q. How many NFT skins are there in total?

There are 3,456 skins.

Q. How much does a skin cost?

All are free-to-mint. *Gas fees may be incurred separately.

Q. What is the royalty fee for secondary distribution?

The royalty fee is 5%.

Q. What are the chain and ERC standards?

The blockchain is Ethereum and the token standard being used is ERC-721.

Q. When will I able to use NFT skins in-game?

The game is scheduled for release on March 31, 2023.

Points of caution when purchasing:

- Please beware of fraud.
Please be on the lookout for messages from third parties or fraudulent sites posing as GGGGG or Metamask. In recent years, cryptocurrency and NFTs have been the target of phishing scams with the intention of theft. Please bear in mind that in the event of theft, we accept no responsibility whatsoever.
- In order to use an NFT skin in-game, you must have the corresponding character available for play. You can select one character of your choice when you first start the game, but the second and subsequent characters are released as you progress through the game.
- Regarding the use of NFT skins in the event that service for the game ends:
It is possible that service for the game will come to an end in the future, but should this happen, NFTs will remain as assets, and will be available to set as profile icons, etc., and to trade on secondary market platforms.
- Regarding commercial use and derivative works:
The owner of the NFT may use it for commercial use.
For details, please refer to the terms and conditions and derivative work guidelines.
- Regarding gas fees:
Please be aware that minting an NFT skin incurs a gas fee. The gas fee refers to the charge incurred when transactions are carried out via Ethereum; it is not a payment to our company. Please refer to the Minting Guide for details on payment methods.
- About Reveals:
At the time of minting, all NFT skins are displayed with the same design. After minting, your NFT skin will be revealed and you will be able to see what it looks like.
- Regarding returns and exchanges:
NFT skins cannot be returned or exchanged once minted. Secondary NFT market platforms such as Opensea can be used to trade with other users, so we encourage you to use those. However, please exercise caution as we cannot assist with any issues that may arise with secondary markets.
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iOS: MetaMask mobile browser
Android: MetaMask mobile browser
Windows: Microsoft Edge
Mac: Google Chrome

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