Derivative Work Guidelines

These Guidelines have been established to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy derivative works of GGGGG (hereinafter, the "Game").
Drecom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company" or “we”) welcomes the derivative works using the game, characters, and worldview or the like of the Game. The Company will not claim any infringement on copyrights, moral rights, or copyright-related rights as long as the images, videos, text, programs, and any other contents related to the Game (hereinafter, the "Contents") are used in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof.
The rights to the Contents are owned by the Company or a third party. The Contents may not be reproduced, adapted, distributed, or uploaded to the Internet in any manner that does not comply with the terms of the Guidelines.
Users of the Game shall comply with the Guidelines to use and enjoy the Contents.

General Terms of Use

Individual users may use the Contents for non-commercial purposes only for creation, sales, and other activities of derivative works based on the Content under the terms and conditions of the Guidelines. (Compensation or profit significantly exceeding the level of raw material cost will be deemed as commercial purpose.)

For instance, the following derivative work activities are allowed:
● Publication of illustrations, comics, novels or the like, and production of fanzines
● Production of cosplay costumes, publication of photos and videos
● Distribution of game video and video posting
● Production of figures and other three-dimensional objects

● Videos of playing the Game can be freely posted on video sharing sites and used for monetization. When using video sharing sites, users are required to use them at their own cost and responsibility in accordance with the rules set forth by the third parties providing such sites.

● For the use of the Contents by corporate or sole proprietor users or the use of the Contents exceeding the criteria hereunder, please contact the Company in advance, so we can provide individual support.

Scope of Use Specifically Allowed to NFT Holders

Notwithstanding the foregoing, holders of the NFTs relating to the Game (hereinafter, the "NFT Holders") may use the Contents pertaining to such NFTs for broader purposes, including commercial purposes, only while in possession of such NFTs and subject to the compliance with the "NFT Terms of Service" separately set forth by the Company. Except for the Prohibited Matters described below, there are no particular restrictions.
The maximum amount of profit which an NFT Holder can obtain by the relevant secondary use shall be thirty (30) million yen. If an NFT Holder wishes to make a secondary use in excess of such amount, it shall notify the Company to that effect by means separately designated by the Company and execute a license agreement prescribed by the Company with the Company. For more details, please refer to the "NFT Terms of Service.”

Prohibited Matters

Users (including the NFT Holders) shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the Contents:

● Distribution of the Contents as is to any third party or use of the Contents without adding any new creativity thereto, regardless of with or without compensation;
● Notations that may be mistaken as an official copyrighted work of the Company;
● Use of any notation or design that may be mistaken as an official or authorized derivative works or contents of the Game;
● Sale or distribution by NFTs;
● Use in a manner contrary to the laws and regulations or public policy;
● Discriminatory or defamatory expressions, or expressions that encourage discrimination;
● Use for the purpose of religious, political or anti-social advocacy or expression;
● Expressions that affirm or encourage infringement of copyrights or other rights of third parties or criminal acts;
● Publication of non-public data inside the Game;
● Contents that describe or encourage cheating or describes means of cheating;
● Any content that unjustly damages the reputation or credibility of the Company or the Game; and
● Any other acts that the Company considers inappropriate.


● In the event where, due to collaboration events or the like, the Contents contain any characters, illustrations, music, or audio of works other than the Game, for which the rights are owned by any third party other than the Company, such contents shall not be subject to the Guidelines.
● In the event where users wish to use the intellectual property rights or the like of third parties that are not the Contents, license must be obtained from the owners thereof, separately from the Guidelines.
● To advertise and promote the Company or the NFTs we sell, we may use the derivative works created by users using the Contents and share them in the official media or the like of the Game.
● Please note that, in principle, we do not officially respond to any individual inquiries as to whether the derivative works or the contents created by users are in compliance with the Guidelines, nor officially give permission to any individual derivative works or contents.
● Notwithstanding the contents of the Guidelines, the Company may, as it considers necessary, separately request users to stop their use of the Contents. The Company may also request the same based on requests from other rights holders.
● The contents of the Guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please make sure to check the latest Guidelines before using the Contents.
● The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred due to the changes to the Guidelines. Please enjoy your activities at your own risk.