1. Let'sGGGGGO!!!


  2. Multiplayer shooting action with simple controls!





What's GGGGG!?

  • シンプル×アクションゲーム

  • The only controls
    are move, attack,
    and special move!

  • 100人バトルロイヤル

  • A massive clash on your vertical screen!
    A 100-person battle royale you can play casually!

  • みんなとチームプレイ

  • Work together to bring the heat!
    Battle in teams of up to 4!

Game Modes

Battle Royale

  • Jump in on your own! Or with friends!

  • 8-person battles! The last one standing wins! Bravely stand your ground! Or fight alongside allies in team battles!

  • 100-Player Battle Royale

  • Fight your way to the top in a 100-player struggle! Can you survive the shrinking battlefield?!

Dungeon Run

  • Work together to protect the princess!

  • Keep the princess safe from the attacking monsters! Battle alongside your allies! Defeat the boss and upgrade your weapon to the max!


Choose your favorite character!

Have fun swapping out your character's skin!

Level up your character!

  • Train your character until you're ready to overcome all rivals!
    You can level up your weapons and armor too!

NFT Skins

Get your own unique skin!